Our services

Different solutions are possible and the borrower will have to choose according to his real needs, according to the duration and the frequency with which he wishes to use the sum of money. The solutions fall into two main categories.

To better manage your budget, Credit et Financement offers you different financial solutions according to your needs and your projects.

Personal loan

Finance a personal project? Solicit our community of investors for your loan and obtain the credit adapted to your needs in complete safety and in all legality.

Revolving credit

Finance your small purchases and small projects, stays or weekends, shopping, unforeseen events, etc ... Simulate your revolving credit and find the most suitable formula for your situation.

Motorcycle loan

Do you want to buy a two-wheeler? Whether new or used, you can finance your purchase with the motorcycle / scooter loan. Simulate a motorcycle loan online.

Travel / vacation loan

The trip of your dreams? A loan for a vacation that will make you discover the world? We collaborate in its financing with our travel and vacation loan.

Auto loan

Have you found the car that's right for you? Our auto loan allows you to acquire it. Do a no-obligation simulation and get your credit online.

Real estate loan

Are you looking for the best mortgage to finance your main residence, your second home or your rental investment? Launch your project.

Wedding loan

Ready to take the plunge? Do you want to borrow to get married? Our marriage loan allows you to finance your marriage securely and legally.

Need immediate money

Life is made up of ups, downs and, above all, the unexpected! So how do you react to a financial emergency? What are the solutions available to you?

Loan works

The work loan allows you to finance the work to be done at home. This credit allows you to borrow from € 3,000 to € 75,000 to carry out all types of work.

Credit redemption

You want to consolidate all your credits into one and reduce your monthly payments while taking advantage of cash for a new project. Do an online simulation.

Student loan

A loan to finance your studies? Take out a student loan and our community of investors indirectly contributes to your credit safely and legally.

Professional loan

You want to find the financing adapted to your professional project: creation or takeover of a business, investment or cash loan. Get your credit online.

A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.