Testimonials from our clients

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My name is Walid and I managed to get a loan through Credit and Financing services. After submitting my loan application, I was entitled to a loan of 7,000 euros in all honesty. I strongly advise any applicant to take a chance.
Good luck!!!

Hello . I come to leave my testimony with so many emotions, because I no longer believed in the loans of money between individuals, when I came across Credit and Financing, I made contact, and I am happy, because I really got my 12000eur loan, once again thank you for everything.

Thank you very much Credit and financing
I contacted them and they granted me a loan of € 20,000 on my account again thank you for the trust so you who are in need of a loan do not hesitate any longer.

I am Mrs. G. Sylvie beneficiary of a loan of € 50,000 without difficulty in a short time thanks to credit and financing. To get a loan and relaunch your projects like me, do not hesitate a second.

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Incredible but true. After being disappointed more times by different lenders, I come to testify to the honesty credit and financing thanks to which I was able to benefit in this period of health crisis a loan of 85,000 € without any protocol.

I followed the procedure as indicated and I was not disappointed. I advise you for all your financial needs to contact them.

I finally received my loan that I had been looking for 4 months to save my daughter's life but thanks to Credit and Financing I received my loan of € 50,000 to finally save my daughter from the cancer she was experiencing.

I ask you to contact Credit and Financing which allowed me to carry out my project and pay my debts by making me a loan of money, a very large sum.


Thanks to Credit and Financing loan services, I was able to get a loan of 68,000 euros in five days at a reasonable rate over 12 months. For those who therefore need a loan, I recommend this site because it is reliable.

I never believed that one day I would have this loan, I was desperate because I had already been scammed several times, but I met a friend who advised me Credit and financing from where I have received my loan of 150,000 € for my project.

Infinitely thank you to Credit and Finance, I come back to testify that I have indeed received my loan of money, simple and fast procedures. With this loan of money, I will be able to revive myself

I am Mr Loïc from France I have been looking for a loan of money for several months I have been victims of fraud 6 times with false lenders, I made a suicide attempt because of them. But luckily I saw testimonials made by many people on Credit and Financing, that's how I contacted to get my loan It's life with them, my smile again.